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      Proposal for Actively Maintaining the Network Order of Flood Control and Disaster Relief

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      Recently, extreme rainfall has occurred in Northeast China, North China, Huanghuai and other areas, causing residents to be trapped and casualties in many areas. Rescue forces from all over the country have quickly gathered and rushed to the front line of flood prevention and disaster relief, fully dedicating themselves to flood prevention and disaster relief work. In the current special period of national unity and joint efforts in disaster relief, some netizens fabricate and spread false information related to disaster situations, incite regional opposition and discrimination, seriously disrupt online public opinion order, and interfere with and hinder disaster relief work. In order to further purify the online environment, maintain online order, fully maintain the unity of the whole country, fully support disaster relief and recovery, fully guarantee the safety of people's lives and property, and social stability, and effectively become participants and helpers in flood prevention and disaster relief, the following initiative is hereby issued:

      1、 Consciously resist the online dissemination of illegal and harmful information

      Resolutely resist illegal and harmful information. Do not manufacture, disbelieve, or disseminate illegal, harmful, or negative information related to disaster relief, do not spread false information, do not incite trouble, and do not spread reports without source or evidence, disclose privacy, personal attacks, or inappropriate remarks without authorization.

      Strictly manage information release accounts. Strengthen the manual review and qualification certification of account information, strictly prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting of party, government, and military organs, news media, local governments, and user accounts, strictly control "self media" accounts that do not meet the qualification certification requirements and engage in specialized field information content production, and strictly prohibit manipulating the "self media" account matrix to publish and disseminate illegal and negative information related to disaster relief.

      Strictly manage the content of information dissemination. When users post news information, they should indicate the source of the information in accordance with relevant regulations, shoot the information themselves, and mark the shooting time and location one by one; When using technology to generate information, it is necessary to label it as technology generated; If citing old news or events, it is necessary to specify the time and location of the incident; Posting information containing fictitious deduction content should be labeled with fictitious deduction tags; The platform will label suspicious or rumored information with a controversial rumor tag and take measures such as flow restriction, debunking, and prohibition in accordance with regulations.

      2、 Adhere to "zero tolerance" for illegal and harmful information

       Enhance awareness of online civilization. Establish a correct network ethics, actively resist and report various online illegal and vulgar behaviors, resolutely fight against online illegal and criminal activities, and fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the country, society, collectives, and individuals.

      Strengthen positive guidance of public opinion. Improve the management measures for the number of fans and profit permissions through platform conventions and user agreements. For illegal and irregular accounts, disciplinary measures such as closing bans or restrictions, prohibiting new fans, and clearing all fans will be taken depending on the situation; User accounts that engage in malicious marketing of hot topics and sensitive events related to flood control and disaster relief through multi account collaboration will have their profit-making privileges revoked or strictly prohibited.

      Actively create a healthy online public opinion ecosystem. For "self media" accounts, the affiliated MCN institutions will be prominently indicated. For MCN institutions that use signed accounts for joint speculation and repeatedly engage in violations, measures will be taken to restrict their profit-making privileges, restrict the provision of services, and settle and withdraw.

      3、 Actively mobilize and leverage the positive energy of online platforms

      Establish and improve supervision and reporting. Encourage users to participate in platform information content management, collect and report illegal and harmful information, and discover

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